Ultimate Guard Star Cases - MOC Protective Case for vintage & modern

  • £2.75

Ultimate Guard Cases

Protect your carded 3/4 inch figure collection!

- Crystal clear cases
- 2 Piece system with hang tab
- Acid free/no toxins
- Made from 100% recycled products

Case Measurements can be found in the pictures

Here is a list of what the cases can fit. 
If you are unsure then please check the card measurements against ours


- Star Wars (vintage) 


- Star Wars Vintage Collection
- Star Wars Power of the Force 2
- Star Wars Episode 1
- Star Wars Power of the Jedi
- also some figures from Star Wars Saga Collection / Original Trilogy / 30th Anniversary /Clone Wars 2009
- GI Joe
- Marvel Universe
- X-Men Origins: Wolverine
- X-Men Animated
- Iron Man Animated
- Spider-Man
- Indiana Jones


- ReAction Figures


- DC Infinite Heroes
- DC Justice League Unlimited
- Battlestar Galactica
- Clash of the Titans


- Buck Rogers and other Mego series

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